Shogakukan Progressive Business English Dictionary


Practical English-Japanese dictionary collecting 30,000 essential terms for business use, rich in example sentences and feature columns.

Progressive Business English Dictionary is a practical and extensive English-Japanese dictionary that covers essential business terms. Aside from approximately 30,000 headwords, it includes 15,000 full-sentence usage examples, explanatory columns on each primary entry group, “collocations” showing the actual usage of terms, “remarks” on specified word and phrase usages and much more.

In order for the user to make accurate use of the contents for clear business communication, the dictionary offers additional commentaries in the primary entry sections of business terms, such as basic concepts, different usages between similar terms and what to be aware of in practical use. The dictionary also focuses on how to make best use of business terms by including frequently used collocations (common sequences of words) and many example sentences featuring common phrases in actual business situations.

The JapanKnowledge edition makes the contents of the published version more user-friendly, utilizing various features such as color coding of entry words, idioms, phrases, and derivatives. In addition, specific marks are assigned to labels such as the word usage, what to be aware of, and the etymology of words. Text field boxes are also used to show collocation and comment columns. With the Japanese search keys installed, a Japanese word search is also possible in addition to the English word search.

Compilers: Shibuya Akihisa, Horiuchi Katsuaki, Hinata Kiyoto, Cuong Huynh

Contents information

Original books プログレッシブビジネス英語辞典
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date October 1, 2009
Number of volumes One volume
Book price ¥4,180 (Pre-tax price ¥3,800+tax10%)
Release date December 1, 2016
Number of entries 43,500 entries*
*Entries from the printed edition, with idioms and derivatives searchable on JK, combine for a total of 13,000.
Number of characters 3,641,000 characters
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