Dictionary of Synonyms in Japanese


The difference in usages of similar words is carefully explained using abundant examples and synonym comparison tables.

The Dictionary of Synonyms in Japanese classifies the basic vocabulary of 25,000 words used in everyday life and schools into 6,000 groups, showing common meanings, practical examples and the correct usages of words.

Instead of simply listing synonyms, the subtle shades of nuance and usages of words are shown in 1,700 synonym comparison tables that enable swift understanding of correct usages and by giving abundant practical examples that are immediately helpful when writing.

English expressions matching the synonyms are also shown where appropriate, making this a novel type of synonym usage dictionary.

The JapanKnowledge edition enables not only word searches but also makes it possible to search for the target synonym and its surrounding words by following the systematic group hierarchy from the "classification list." Easy-to-understand differences in meanings and usages of words are indicated by the use of example sentences, compound word examples, and descriptions of the correct usages of words, enabling users to deepen their understanding of differences in nuances and word usages in Japanese.

Editors: Endo Orie et al.

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Original books 使い方の分かる 類語例解辞典(新装版)
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date November 1, 2003 (New revised edition)
Number of volumes One volume
Book price ¥3,520 (Pre-tax price ¥3,200+tax10%)
Release date June 29, 2022
Number of entries 6,274 entries
Number of characters 1,921,292 characters
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