Nihon no Saijiki (Compendium of Japanese Seasonal Words)


A compendium of around 2,800 primary season words classified according to season and attributes. Features are example haiku with hints for appreciation and related season words.

Season words can be thought of as the heart of Japan, as they are born from the changing of the four seasons. This latest and largest Compendium of Japanese Seasonal Words will aid you in reading, gazing at, investigating, and enjoying these season words.
Even now, as in the distant past, human life cannot be separated from nature. However much lifestyles change, as long as Japan has four seasons there is an unchanging foundation to the plant and animal world and to human life. This Compendium of Japanese Seasonal Words has been compiled for those of us who live for tomorrow in such an environment.
The greatest features, and the first of their kind in compendiums of seasonal words, are the example haiku with attached hints for appreciation and the display of related seasonal words. The hints for appreciation, attached to all example haiku, make it easy to understand how the haiku should be read and the background to the examples. Even haiku beginners can enjoy much-loved haiku to their hearts' content.
Moreover, the compendium contains an exhaustive related season word display that aids the widening of interest by showing season words related to any chosen season word. Related season words, such as sakurahanami, yozakura, and so on, can be seen without having to take the trouble of looking each one up in the index.
This is a compendium that we very much hope lovers of Japan's seasonal words and haiku will put to good use.

The JapanKnowledge version not only enables searches but also makes it possible to look up target season words and words that catch your interest from the "General Table of Contents," in which attributes, consisting of "Spring," "Summer," "Autumn," "Winter," and "New Year," are each classified into six classifications such as "the time of year," "astrology," and "geography." Not only will this compendium be a companion to haiku composers when writing haiku but will enable a deeper comprehension of Japan's rich and varied seasons and natural features.

Editorial committee: Uda Kiyoko, Nishimura Kazuko, Nakahara Michio, Katayama Yumiko, Hasegawa Kai

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Original books 日本の歳時記
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date January 30, 2012
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Release date November 1, 2022
Number of entries 2,874 entries
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