The new Heibonsha’s World Encyclopedia, completely revised for the first time in 20 years in September 2007, features about 90,000 entry words and 420,000 index terms. The encyclopedia has been continually revised since then. The contents from the most recent 6th printing will be used for the JapanKnowledge edition.

The World Encyclopedia covers all areas of knowledge with well-balanced information. It is suitable for a variety of uses, from teaching schoolchildren how to research subjects to writing graduation thesis to everyday business use. The content of each entry is so exhaustive that the volume of some important entries is equivalent to a stand-alone book.

Shuichi Kato serves as the chief editor of a team of over 7,000 contributors. All entries carry the byline of their authors, indicating the encyclopedia’s trustworthiness bestowed by authorities in their respective fields.

With JapanKnowledge’s Advanced Search, the user can search index terms and subject filters. Furthermore, hyperlinks in the contents to The Complete Japanese Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia Nipponica) enable the user to get even more detailed knowledge.

※Some illustrations in the print edition are not included in the JapaneseKnowledge edition. Also not included are the “Japan Atlas,” “World Map Handbook” and “Encyclopedia Compendium.”

Contents information

Original books 改定新版 世界大百科事典
Publisher Heibonsha Limited, Publishers
Publication date December 1, 2014 (New revised edition 6th printing)
Number of volumes 34 volumes (31 volumes are available on JapanKnowledge)
Book price Base price: ¥270,000 + tax
Release date of JK March 1, 2016
Number of entries 91,400 entries
Number of characters 65,000,000 characters
About search Advanced Search available
Frequency of update
(March 1, 2016)
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