Kaisha Shikiho New Year 2023


Covers the characteristics, performance, and financial details of all listed companies in Japan—the must-have “equity investment bible,” updated quarterly.

Kaisha Shikiho is a corporate data book offering compact coverage of all listed companies in Japan, including characteristics, performance, financial details, major shareholders, executives, and stock price trends. Since launching in Showa 11 (1936), it has been widely appreciated as the “equity investment bible”—the archetypal corporate dictionary, used for researching business partners—for marketing, and for information on job placements. Due to its established reputation for the neutrality, objectivity, and thoroughness of its reporters’ writing and forecasts, it is used not only in Japan, but worldwide.
With the JapanKnowledge edition, advanced search enables you to narrow down by industry type, in addition to searching by company name or securities code.
The featured articles in this 2023 spring quarter edition are “Total Payout Ratio,” “Number of Dividend Payout Increases/Decreases,” and “Quarterly Progress Rate.” Total Payout Ratio, calculated by dividing the sum of total dividends and share repurchases for the previous fiscal year by net income, is shown along with the average total payout ratio for the past three fiscal years in parentheses. In the Number of Dividend Increases/Decreases, we list the number of increases, decreases, deferments, and no payouts, for the past ten fiscal years. Quarterly Progress Rate shows the progress of the most recently announced quarter against the company’s full-year operating profit forecast.
* Data in the JapanKnowledge edition of Kaisha Shikiho is current at the time of publication of the print edition. Updates follow approximately one month from the release of the print edition.
* Full-text search for Kaisha Shikiho encompasses company name, company name reading, characteristics, and articles.

Contents information

Original books 会社四季報[2023年1集・新春号]
Publisher TOYO KEIZAI Inc.
Publication date December 16, 2023
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥2,091 + tax
Release date April 11, 2006
Number of entries 3,888 entries
Number of characters 860,000 characters
About search Advanced Search available
Frequency of update Four times a year
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(as of January 2023)