Shiryo Sanshu

(Collected Historical Materials)

[Editing & publication] Yagi Shoten

Full text searches in modern-style Japanese script (reprint) are possible for this indispensable, major collection of research into Japanese history and culture.

Shiryo Sanshu (Collected Historical Materials), indispensable for research into Japanese history and culture, is a major collection of historical materials in which important works have been converted to modern-style Japanese script (reprint) for ease of use. Consisting of an ancient records section and an ancient documents section, important historical materials of a wide range of genres and from different eras, from ancient to early-modern times, as well as diaries of Imperial Court nobles, warriors, and Buddhist and Shinto priests, have been converted to modern-style Japanese script. These modern-style Japanese script reprints, of which more than 260 volumes have been published to the present day, stand beside the “Dai Nihon Kokiroku” (Old Diaries of Japan) and “Dai Nihon Komonjo” (Old Documents of Japan) in being evaluated by the academic world as the most trustworthy texts available.

Based on the latest printed editions, the JK editions contain the full text data as page images and as pages converted to modern-style Japanese script. The texts can be browsed, searched and copied, and it is possible to obtain search results by narrowing searches to date, book name, era, and so on.

Contents information

Original books Shiryo Sanshu First phase; from the Heian, Kamakura and Namboku-cho periods in the ancient records section
Publisher [Editing & publication] Yagi Shoten
Original publication date March 31, 1968 - May 30, 2019
Number of volumes 12 categories of materials in a total of 43 volumes
Release date January 10, 2023
Number of pages 42,671 entries
Number of articles 5,446,133 characters
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