SPED Science and Technology English-Japanese Dictionary


Packed with example sentences and specialist terms for science and technology. Special online version with 70,000 entries, merging print editions of the Life Science and Materials & Engineering volumes.

The SPED series consists of English-Japanese dictionaries compiled for people in the field of sciences, offering comprehensive coverage of newly-minted technical terms that have appeared as a result of rapid scientific developments in recent years, along with commentaries on extensive usage examples.

Two volumes—EOS (Life Sciences) and TERRA (Materials Science and Engineering)—of the three-volume SPED series are combined in this special online edition, which focuses on scientific terms by excluding general terms that are included in the printed volumes.

EOS (Life Sciences) includes terms used in all fields of the life sciences from biology and genetics to medical science and anatomy, as well as from zoology and botany to bacteriology and virology. TERRA (Materials Science and Engineering) covers terms not only from mathematics, physics and chemistry but also from such fields as electronic engineering, information and communications engineering, mechanical engineering, and geosciences. The SPED online dictionary (EOS and TERRA) features systematic labeling of these extensive fields, and by identifying various definitions and examples used in each field it enables the meanings of terms to be found at a glance, even when the same term is used in different fields.

The list of approximately 1,900 “medical science abbreviations” given in the index of the EOS (Life Sciences) is also included in the online version. The abbreviations can be searched in combination with headwords, phrases and derivatives.

This digitized content will be a great boon to anyone writing academic scientific papers or researching English materials.

[SPED Science and Technology English-Japanese Dictionary EOS (Life Sciences)]
General editors: Horiuchi Katsuaki, Fuyama Yoshiaki
Editorial committee: Ametani Akio, Funato Kazuya, Tanaka Junji

[SPED Science and Technology English-Japanese Dictionary TERRA (Materials Science and Engineering)]
General editors: Horiuchi Katsuaki, Kanie Yukihiro
Editorial committee: Yoneda Hitoki, Sato Fumiaki

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Original books プロフェッショナル英和辞典 SPED EOS (生命科学編)
プロフェッショナル英和辞典 SPED TERRA (物質・工学編)
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date SPED EOS : March 20, 2004
SPED TERRA : July 20, 2004
Number of volumes Two volumes
Book price SPED EOS : ¥3,850 (Pre-tax price ¥3,500+tax10%)
SPED TERRA : ¥3,850 (Pre-tax price ¥3,500+tax10%)
Release date March 15, 2017
Number of entries 70,000 entries
Number of characters 6,400,000 characters
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