Maps of Japan: Thematic Map Edition

Heibonsha Cartographic Publishing Co., Ltd.

A new kind of map where statistical and environmental data such as on climate, resources, and agricultural produce can be freely combined with maps of Japan.

Thematic maps are maps designed to deepen understanding about a particular theme. The Maps of Japan: Thematic Map Edition can naturally create the usual thematic maps seen in textbooks, but it is easy to take particular data from the thematic map and combine it freely with other different or new statistical and environmental data. Students themselves are easily able to create new thematic maps without using the complicated geographical information system (GIS).

For instance, it is possible to superimpose the distribution of geothermal power plants onto the distribution of Japan’s major active volcanoes, or combine the distribution of power plants with the locations of iron mills and oil refineries.

The Map Library, published by Heibonsha Cartographic Publishing Co., Ltd., assists students in deepening their understanding of geography, and encourages discoveries and insights by always providing the latest data.

*Maps of Japan: Thematic Map Edition uses the Leaflet library to display map data.

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