Unno's Real English Dictionary V6

Project Pothos Corporation

Fully-fledged practical English-Japanese/Japanese-English dictionary, packed with lively example sentences and well-loved by professional translators and technical experts.

Unno’s Real English Dictionary V6 contains 26,000 English-to-Japanese word entries, 28,000 Japanese-to-English word entries and 120,000 example sentences. It is a full and practical business English dictionary that has been used by professional translators for many years.

As well as embedding links to reference entries in the main text, making it possible to browse reference entries with one click rather than return to the search screen, the JapanKnowledge edition adds basic verb inflections to the search keys for idioms and set phrases for ease of search. Moreover, by using the full text search, it is possible to find the expression or translation that you are looking for from among the huge numbers of example sentences.

From the authors

Unno’s Real English Dictionary V6 has been developed from a collection of English expressions compiled for translation work as we engaged in business and technical translations. Rather than specialized terms in particular fields, the dictionary includes many expressions that could be used across several fields, and we have also taken care to include collocations.

The English expressions contained in the dictionary are basically living example sentences that we have picked up from documents prepared in the English-speaking world. These have been translated into Japanese and arranged so that they can be looked up in both the English-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-English sections.

It is perhaps imagined that translators hardly ever need to use a dictionary, but in fact they look up words in the dictionary more frequently than anyone else. They rely heavily on various kinds of dictionaries to check the meanings, and to find exact equivalents for words or expressions used in the original text. Nevertheless, dictionaries do not supply all the answers. You may sometimes be tormented by being unable to find a satisfactory translation in any of the dictionaries you look at. You may be worried about how to express a certain Japanese word or phrase in English, and then quite by chance later find the answer in a document prepared in the English-speaking world. You will find yourself saying, “I see. So that’s how they say it.” Expressions collected in this way developed into this dictionary.

We began to make this collection with the intention of supplementing other dictionaries, and while it is not necessarily exhaustive, by searching this dictionary in combination with other dictionaries we hope to be able to provide you with useful hints for your work.

Authors: Unno Fumio, Unno Kazuko

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Number of entries 54,700 entries
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