Encyclopedia of Japan

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English-language encyclopedia of Japan, incorporating the “Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia,” as edited by the late Dr. Reischauer.

This resource contains the full text of “Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia” (Kodansha, 1993), which was compiled under the general editorship of the late Dr. Edwin O. Reischauer, and enjoys a solid reputation for its accurate and elegant English, written by first-class Japanologists chiefly from prestigious Harvard University. Upon digitization, 3,500 out of the total 12,000 entries have been revised, with the addition of 180 new entries. From the characteristically Japanese wabi-sabi to space technology, many kinds of Japan-related matters are explained in accessible English.
*This volume contains the content of the CD-ROM edition (1999).

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Original books Japan : An Illustrated Encyclopedia カラーペディア 英文日本大事典
Publisher Kodansha Ltd.
Publication date November 10, 1993
Number of volumes One volume
Book price ¥34,175 (Pre-tax price ¥31,068+tax10%)
Release date February 2002
Number of entries 12,000 entries
Number of letters 13,190,000 letters
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