Encyclopedia of Japanese History

Yoshikawa Kobunkan

The largest encyclopedia of Japanese history, covering all areas of that history with its interdisciplinary fields, with a total 66,600 entries in 15 volumes (17 books).

This is a digitized version of all 15 volumes (17 books) of one of the largest encyclopedias of Japanese history.
It encompasses every aspect of Japan's history and includes entries in related fields such as archaeology, folklore, religion, art, Japanese language, Japanese literature and geography.
The interface of the digital version allows you to search not only among the approximately 54,000 main entries but also approximately 4,000 sub-entries carefully chosen from across all levels, and approximately 7,000 illustrations. The scope of an advanced search may be restricted to just “author” or “works cited” while narrowing down to just “entry classification,” “genre,” or “illustration.”

Contents information

Original books 国史大辞典
Publisher Yoshikawa Kobunkan
Publication date March 1, 1979 - April 1, 1997
Number of volumes A work in 15 volumes (17 books)
Book price ¥326,700 (Pre-tax price ¥297,000+tax10%)
Release date September 1, 2010
Number of entries 66,000 entries
Number of characters 32,000,000 characters
About search Advanced Search available
Frequency of update
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(as of April 2014)