The Complete Collection of Japanese Classical Literature (New Edition)


Contains a total 88 volumes covering the gems of the classical literature, with abundant commentary. Original text, modern translation, and headnote are all fully searchable.

This collection, in 88 volumes, is a well-balanced selection of must-read Japanese masterpieces, including ancient literature such as Kojiki, Nihon Shoki and Manyoshu, medieval literature such as The Tale of Genji and The Tale of the Heike, and early modern literature by Chikamatsu Monzaemon, Ihara Saikaku, and others. The collection brings you all the fascination of classical literature.
The texts are based on the best originals available. Notes provide detailed explanations of difficult expressions, word meanings, and the aim and background of the works. The modern Japanese translations offer smooth and reader-friendly text while preserving the depth of the original. This collection is suitable for users from ordinary people to researchers.
On JapanKnowledge, headnotes, classical text, and modern translation can all be displayed together onscreen in the same format as the book, to be read in tandem. Advanced search is enabled not only for headnotes, classical texts, and modern translations, but for the full text.

Contents information

Original books 新編 日本古典文学全集
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date February 25, 1994 - October 18, 2002
Number of volumes A work in 88 volumes
Book price ¥435,906 (Pre-tax price ¥396,278+tax10%)
Release date February 1, 2010 - November 1, 2012
Number of entries 263 volumes ; 43,000 pages
Number of characters 56,340,000 characters
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