Encyclopedia of Japanese Historical Place Names

Heibonsha Limited, Publishers

Definitive edition of this encyclopedia, with emphasis on the derivations of historical place names. Includes all 47 prefectures plus Kyoto City, for a total 150,000 place name entries.

The complete digitization of all data found in the Encyclopedia of Japanese Historical Place Names, which is the collected result of research into place names and regional history, compiled with the cooperation of historians nationwide. You can view not only some 150,000 place-name entries from the 47 prefectures of the Japanese islands plus Kyoto City, but also valuable supplementary materials such as annotated bibliographies, map types, changes in administrative districts, and a listing of kokudaka crop-yield valuations. In addition, you can search by “changed place name,” in response to mergers of cities, towns, and villages, transitions to ordinance-designated cities, and the execution of municipal organization, which may have occurred after publication of the print edition.

Furthermore, study and research are uniquely enhanced by digital data, with added features such as extra archaeological entries focusing on early volumes; revisions based on new research findings, and map displays linked to Google Maps, supporting the prefectures of Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, and Kyoto City. Advanced search may be narrowed down by prefecture, map information, or entry type.

Contents information

Original books 日本歴史地名大系
Publisher Heibonsha Limited, Publishers
Publication date September 20, 1979 - October 20, 2004
Number of volumes A work in 50 volumes (51 books)
Book price ¥1,396,065 (Pre-tax price ¥1,269,150+tax10%)
Release date October 1, 2006
Number of entries 153,000 entries
Number of characters 106,400,000 characters
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