Taiyo was a comprehensive magazine published by Hakubunkan from January 1895 to February 1928, for a total of 34 volumes containing 531 issues amounting to approximately 175,000 printed pages. It not only offered political, military, economic and social commentary, but included articles on the natural sciences, literary works and cultural trends and mores written by about 6,500 authors. Although considered indispensable for the study of Japan’s modern period, it’s massive volume and extensive range along with the rarity of extant original copies has made it difficult for researchers to approach this champion of Japan’s comprehensive serial publications.

By successfully launching magazines such as Bungei Kurabu, Shonen Sekai and Bunsho Sekai, Hakubunkan was able to establish itself among Japan’s major comprehensive publishing houses. Taiyo is considered to be the flag publication of the Hakubunkan.

In 1894, the company discontinued printing political and economic journals to meet the needs of a society in transition following the first Sino-Japanese War by launching a comprehensive magazine that covered all areas of society, the nation and the world, establishing Taiyo successfully in the role of opinion leader for its readers.

The chief editors who served the magazine during it publication were, Tsuboya Suisai, Takayama Chogyu, Toyabe Shuntei, Ukita Kazutami, Hasegawa Tenkei and Hirabayashi Hatsunosuke. The first issue was divided into 24 sections; editorials, biographies, geography, novels, miscellany, literary essays, artistic societies, family life, politics, law, literature, science, art, commerce, agriculture, industry, society, foreign intellectual thought, public opinion, fashionable society, new publications, domestic topics, overseas topics and articles in English. In later issues changes in the content are seen, but political, economic and social commentary continued to be emphasized, along with the dissemination of current knowledge and technology of the various industries, art and literature, family and lifestyle concerns, and other topics covering a broad range of interests.

Also, Taiyo lists over 200 people from various walks of life as honorary supporting members, and article submissions were received from an exhaustive representation of notable individuals from all social and public worlds. Starting publication earlier than Chuo Koron and Kaizo, it is Japan’s very first comprehensive magazine.

Editorial board: 青木稔弥・池内輝雄・井澤恒夫・梅澤宣夫・大野亮司・金子明雄・紅野謙介・佐久間保明・曾根博義・高橋修・竹松良明・吉田司雄・林淑美・和田敦彦

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Original books 太陽
Publisher Hakubunkan
Original publication date January 1895 (Meiji 28) - February 1928 (Showa 3)
Number of volumes 34 volumes 531 issues
Release date of JK May 2008
Number of pages 175,000 pages
Number of articles 40,703 articles
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