What is JKBooks?

JKBooks is the electronic book platform for JapanKnowledge.

In contrast to the JapanKnowledge Lib archive of reference resource materials, JKBooks offers a collection of publications containing specialized content through its database. It features fast searches for desired content, and unaltered PDF page images of original books, while retaining the inherent ease of reading physical books in its display.

JKBooks contents

JKBooks contents for sale are listed below. Please click item to view further details.

*JKBooks content can be integrated and used with JapanKnowldge Lib, or used separately.

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*JKBooks is a service for organization users. Subscribers to JapanKnowledge Personal can not purchase JKBooks contents. Your understanding is appreciated.

JKBooks can now be integrated with JapanKnowledge Lib

By integrating JKBooks with JapanKnowledge Lib, customers who have purchased JKBooks contents can link contents with JapanKnowledge Lib titles, such as the Shogakukan Unabridged Dictionary of the Japanese Language, the Encyclopedia of Japanese History (additional contents) and The Complete Collection of Japanese Classical Literature.

Notice of System Maintenance

Scheduled for 21:00 on 31 Aug. 2024 -13:00 on 1 Sept. 2024 JST(UTC+09:00)

All JapanKnowledge services – JapanKnowledge Lib , Select Contents and JKBooks – are scheduled to become unavailable for use during the above mentioned period. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank you for your cooperation.