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Encyclopedia of Japan

短歌/literally, “short poem”

A 31-syllable poem consisting of five lines in the pattern 5−7−5−7−7; the dominant form in classical Japanese poetry (waka) from the 7th century to the present. In the oldest anthology of native poetry, the 8th-century Man'yōshū, the term tanka is used to distinguish the short 31-syllable poem from the “long poem” (chōka or nagauta), a form consisting of an indefinite number of pairs of 5- and 7-syllable lines, with an extra line of 7 syllables at the end. Following the virtual disappearance of the chōka and other less important genres by the end of the 8th century, the tanka became essentially the only form of sophisticated Japanese vernacular poetry and retained its dominance for 1,200 years. For this reason, tanka came to be synonymous with waka (“Japanese poetry” as distinguished from kanshi, “Chinese verse”). Since about 1900, tanka has replaced waka as the preferred generic term for poetry in the 31-syllable form. Poets of the 31-syllable form active prior to the Meiji period (1868−1912) are, in this encyclopedia, called “waka poets,” whereas those active since then are called “tanka poets.”

検索ヒット数 157
1. tan・ka
n. 短歌.出典:The Oxford English Dictionary(2nd ed.)(1877)The Random House Dictionary ...
2. tanka
[男性名詞]((不変))(チベット,ネパールの)仏画. ...
3. tanka 【短歌】
Encyclopedia of Japan
native poetry, the 8th-century Man'yoshu, the term tanka is used to distinguish  ...
4. たんか【担架】
brancard [男性名詞], civière [女性名詞] 負傷者たちは担架で運ばれた Les blessés ont été transportés su ...
5. tank・age音声
n.1 タンクの容量[貯蔵量].2 タンクに貯蔵すること.3 タンク使用料.4 タンクかす:畜殺場でのくず肉・内臓などの廃物をタンクに入れて蒸し脂肪を取り去った ...
6. tank・age
[名詞]1 タンク容量.1a (液体の)タンク貯蔵;タンク使用料.2 タンクかす(◇ くず肉・内臓などから採る肥料・飼料). ...
7. Tankan
短観[⇒日本銀行の企業短期経済観測調査.Tankan survey ともいう] ...
8. TANKAN[欧文略語]
イミダス 2016
【経済・金融】短観.日本銀行が四半期ごとに発表する企業の景況感調査. 2012 08 ...
9. tan・kard画像音声
n. ((英)) (取っ手・蓋(ふた)付き・通例金属製の,生ビール用)ジョッキ(1杯の量).[1310.中期英語「手桶(ておけ)」] ...
10. tan・kard
[名詞]タンカード(◇ 取っ手・ふたつきで通例金属製のビール用大ジョッキ);タンカード1杯分 ...
11. tank・a・to・ri・um音声
n. タンク療法(tank therapy)を行うクリニック. ...
12. tān//kāi摊开
[動詞 + 方向補語]平らに延べる;【転義】列挙する.  ...
13. tànkān探勘
⇒ kāntàn【勘探】  ...
14. Tankai 【湛海】
Encyclopedia of Japan
early Edo period (1600−1868). Also called Hozan Tankai. At age 17 he became a pr ...
15. Aizu Yaichi 【会津八一】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
1881−1956 Also known as Shuso Dojin. Tanka poet, art historian, and calligrapher ...
16. Araragi 【アララギ】
Encyclopedia of Japan
Leading tanka poetry magazine launched in 1908 by Ito Sachio and followers of th ...
17. Asakasha 【あさ香社】
Encyclopedia of Japan
Coterie of tanka poets. Asakasha was formed in 1893 by Ochiai Naobumi, among who ...
18. Baba Akiko 【馬場あき子】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
1928− Tanka poet. Real name Iwata Akiko. Born in Tokyo; graduate of Showa Women' ...
19. business sentiment
いくつかの要因が働いて企業マインドの改善に役立ったThe Bank of Japan's “tankan survey” showed that busines ...
20. can2音声
canじょうろan oil can油の缶,(特に)油差し.4 コップ;ジョッキ,大コップ(tankard).5 〔映画〕 フイルム罐:映画フイルムを収納する金属 ...
21. can2
つきの)ペンキ缶.1c スプレー缶(spray can).2 コップ,ジョッキ,大コップ(tankard).3 〔the ~〕((米俗))便器,トイレ;浴槽,浴 ...
22. chōka 【長歌】
Encyclopedia of Japan
7-syllable line. Distinguished from the 31-syllable tanka (“short poem”). The ch ...
23. classical Japanese 【古語】
Encyclopedia of Japan
used, except in the composition of poetry (see tanka), classical Japanese is nev ...
24. down1音声
TOOLs.3 ((話)) 〈飲み物・薬などを〉ぐっと飲む;〈食物などを〉飲み込むdown a tankard of aleジョッキ1杯のエールを一気に飲み干す ...
25. Hagiwara Sakutarō 【萩原朔太郎】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
Maebashi physician in Gumma Prefecture, he wrote tanka (31-syllable traditional  ...
26. Hartmann, Carl Sadakichi 【ハートマン, C. S.】
Encyclopedia of Japan
Whistler Book (1910), My Rubaiyat (poetry, 1913), Tanka and Haikai (1915), and T ...
27. Heian literature 【平安時代の文学】
Encyclopedia of Japan
done through waka, especially the 31-syllable tanka (short poem). But as the ear ...
28. Higuchi Ichiyō 【樋口一葉】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
women of her day. She also composed some 3,800 tanka (31-syllable poems in the c ...
29. Imperial New Year's Poetry Reading 【歌会始】
Encyclopedia of Japan
Poetry (tanka) reading held at the Imperial Palace to celebrate the New Year. It ...
30. Irako Seihaku 【伊良子清白】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
l Medical School. He gained recognition as a tanka poet around 1900, publishing  ...
31. Ishikawa Takuboku 【石川啄木】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
1886−1912 Poet and novelist; especially known for his tanka, the traditional Jap ...
32. Itō Sachio 【伊藤左千夫】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
1864−1913 Tanka poet and novelist. Real name Ito Kojiro. Born in Chiba Prefectur ...
33. Kadokawa Publishing Co, Ltd 【[株]角川書店】
Encyclopedia of Japan
magazines Haiku and Tanka and the awarding of the Kadokawa Haiku Prize and the K ...
34. Kagoshima Juzō 【鹿児島寿蔵】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
Kagoshima was also active in the Araragi group of tanka poets. In 1973 he publis ...
35. kakekotoba 【懸詞】
Encyclopedia of Japan
poem, and predominance of the brief 31-syllable tanka, or short poem. The kakeko ...
36. Kakinomoto no Hitomaro 【柿本人麻呂】
Encyclopedia of Japan
first three books of the Man'yoshu and over 60 tanka (short poems; see waka), al ...
37. Kaminoyama 【上山[市]】
Encyclopedia of Japan
mountain range. There is a museum honoring the tanka poet Saito Mokichi, who was ...
38. Kaneko Kun'en 【金子薫園】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
1876−1951 Tanka poet. Real name Kaneko Yutaro. Born in Tokyo. In 1893 he joined  ...
39. Kasa no Kanamura 【笠金村】
Encyclopedia of Japan
Of the 43 poems−11 choka (long poems) and 32 tanka (short poems; see waka)−assoc ...
40. Katori Hotsuma 【香取秀真】
Encyclopedia of Japan
during the first half of the 20th century. A tanka poet and contributor to the m ...
41. Kinoshita Rigen 【木下利玄】
Encyclopedia of Japan
1886−1925 Tanka poet. Real name Kinoshita Toshiharu. Born in Okayama Prefecture; ...
42. Kita Morio 【北杜夫】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
he was the second son of Saito Mokichi, the tanka poet and psychiatrist. He gra ...
43. Kitahara Hakushū 【北原白秋】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
1885−1942 A versatile poet recognized for both his tanka and his modern poetry a ...
44. Koizumi Chikashi 【古泉千樫】
Encyclopedia of Japan
1886−1927 Tanka poet. Real name Koizumi Ikutaro. Born in Chiba Prefecture. While ...
45. Kokoro no hana 【心の花】
Encyclopedia of Japan
Japan's oldest tanka poetry monthly. Founded in February 1898 by Sasaki Nobutsun ...
46. Kondō Yoshimi 【近藤芳美】
Encyclopedia of Japan
1913−2006 Tanka poet. Born in Korea; graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technolog ...
47. Kubota Utsubo 【窪田空穂】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
1877−1967 Tanka poet, author, and scholar of Japanese literature. Real name Kubo ...
48. literary criticism, modern 【近現代の文芸批評】
Encyclopedia of Japan
of the traditional short-verse forms haiku and tanka. The leading organizer and  ...
49. literature 【日本文学】
Encyclopedia of Japan
in Ukigumo by Futabatei Shimei. Although the tanka and the haiku remained viable ...
50. Maeda Yūgure 【前田夕暮】画像
Encyclopedia of Japan
1883−1951 Tanka poet. Real name Maeda Yozo. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Associa ...

tanka【短歌】(Encyclopedia of Japan)
A 31-syllable poem consisting of five lines in the pattern 5−7−5−7−7; the dominant form in classical Japanese poetry (waka) from the 7th century to the present. In the oldest anthology of native poetry, the 8th-century

英文学史(文庫クセジュ ベストセレクション)
英文学史 文庫クセジュ28 ルネ・ラルー著/吉田 健一 譯 語学・文学 譯者の言葉 この書の著者ルネ・ラルーの経歴については、やはりこの文庫で出ている佐藤朔氏訳の『現代フランス小説』に詳細な説明が載っているから、ここでは繰り返さない。ラルーの『英国の文学』は
二十世紀フランス小説(文庫クセジュ ベストセレクション)
二十世紀フランス小説 文庫クセジュ924 ドミニク・ラバテ著/三ッ堀 広一郎訳 語学・文学 序論 小説の野心 変幻自在にかたちを変えるジャンルであり、おそらくは明確な定義をいっさい撥ねつけてしまう小説は、二十世紀中、いくたびも死んだと言われて
兄ヤーコプJacob Grimm(1785―1863)、弟ウィルヘルムWilhelm Grimm(1786―1859)ともにドイツの説話学の創始者。『グリム童話集』で有名。この2人の下に3人の弟と妹1人がいる。ヘッセン王国のハーナウで生まれる。1791年、父が地方裁判所の判事に栄転したためシュタイナウという村に移住。